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UK Resort Exchange - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the membership fees?

2 years membership is free, thereafter there is a Select Option Membership for 5 years @ £150.00

What are the exchange fees?

Exchange fees are £75.00 per week (£50.00 with Select Option)

What are the upgrade fees?

Upgrade in size or exchange band the exchange fee x 2 would apply (i.e. £75 x 2 or £50 x 2)

Are there any other fees or charges?

  • No Credit Card Charges
  • No Charge for Guest Certificates
  • No Upfront Costs

How late can I get deposit my back?

For normal weeks the notice period is a minimum of 6 weeks notice. For high demand weeks the notice period is a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

Can I get my deposited week back?

Yes, provided that your week has not been allocated to another member

Do I have to wait until my week is allocated before I can get an exchange?

No. Once your week is in our bank it is our responsibility to allocate the week to another member. If your week is not allocated, you will still be credited with an exchange and you do not incur any loss.

How long will my week stay deposited in the bank?

UKRE does not impose any time limit; members can keep their weeks in the bank provided that they retain their membership. They will only lose it if they use it, or if their membership expires.

I own points; can I deposit them with UKRE?

Yes, all we ask is that you convert your points into a fixed week with your points club.

Have you any restrictions on deposits?

UKRE asks their members to pay their maintenance fee. UKRE also asks that members do not bank/deposit with another exchange company. Once a week has been deposited, members are prohibited to place this on any rental system.

Is my week automatically banked with you every year?

No. Members must inform UKRE either by telephone or email that they wish to deposit their week with us. This gives the member flexibility to exchange with UKRE. Confirmation of any week deposited will then be sent to UKRE members and the resort will be notified.

Do I pay an upfront fee to get an exchange?

No, payment is due once an exchange has been confirmed

How can I make a request?

UKRE Members can place requests either by telephone/email or via the UKRE enquiry submission form on the UKRE website. UKRE always advises that to get a successful exchange members ask by area and a selection of dates. Those who ask for one particular resort and one date very much limit their options. Availability on UKRE website is always limited and members should not rely on this alone. The majority of weeks being deposited are allocated to those members who have placed a request with us and never reach the website availability. It is for this reason that we strongly advise a request be placed with us personally.

How far in advance can I request an exchange?

Exchanges can be requested 12 months in advance. Many members cannot bank their week until their maintenance fees are paid and this is the reason why we have to impose a 12-month rule.

What is an Upgrade?

Members can request to upgrade for a higher demand week and also more sleeping capacity than they own. This flexibility can be of great benefit to those members who own in low demand time and small units and are now unable to upgrade permanently through their own resort. Other members may opt for this every now and then when it suits their needs. The cost for this will be double the exchange fee.

What happens if I cancel my exchange?

Members forfeit the exchange fee paid but we will credit the deposited week back into their account to be used at later date.

What are Late Breaks?

Late Breaks are weeks that we have been unable to fulfil an exchange and we make them available to our members to have an extra holiday at little cost without having to use a deposited week. Member's family and friends can also make use of these. We make no restriction on the amount of weeks members can use on Late Breaks and they can also be booked in advance. The price set for Late Break (i.e. from £150) is the total amount payable at time of booking>

How secure are my details on your database?

UKRE website and its database is securely protected. Your details are kept private and not passed on to any third party. Your details are not used for marketing purposes, etc. It is against the law for anyone to pass on electronic information without your consent. UKRE always asks members for authorisation when a request for their details is made. UKRE does not store credit card details and our staff are required to enter into a Confidentiality Agreement.

For futher information please contact us on or call us on 07720 413691 or 01738 629748.

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