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UK Resort Exchange - Competitor Comparison

UKRE Membership is currently FREE. New members can join UK Resort Exchange for free for 2 years.

UKRE has thousands of UK weeks to exchange. Sign up for free resort exchange membership to begin exchanging your accommodation quickly and easily. View a selection of  Scottish Resorts, English Resorts, Welsh Resorts & Irish Resorts.

  UK Resort Exchange /
Worldwide Resort Exchange
Dial an Exchange Interval International RCI - Timeshare Exchange
Membership FREE 2 year Free 2 year, £30 for gold membership in order to place requests £69 £72
Exchange Fee £75/£50 UK
£75/£50 Int.
£79 UK
£89 Int.
£109 UK
£124 Int.
£115 UK
£155 Int.
Guest Certificate FREE Free £24 £50
Credit Card Charges NO Yes No Yes
Bonus Weeks & Late Breaks Approximately £150
(no time limit imposed)
£159 - £199 (only available 6 wks prior to holiday start date) Limited Options Limited Options
Expiry for Banked Weeks NEVER 3 years 2 years, thereafter purchase a "deposit extension" 2 years
Requests/Search Facilities FREE
No fees for searching
£30 (Gold Advantage Membership) in order to place requests and receive offers by telephone Exchange fee made payable before Request/Search and booking is made Exchange fee made payable before Request/Search and booking is made

UKRE - cheapest prices & best service and over one hundred luxurious resorts in the British Isles. Join UKRE for free now.

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